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As Always: The explanation is going to vary from healer to healer – Each healer will have his/her own way at looking at what transpires in the human mind.


Energy is found everywhere – it is found in different forms, and includes what we need to function on a daily basis.

The energy from the sun – heat and light are both necessarily for life on this planet – but, how does it compare to the energy we need on a daily basis to say, function?

When you wake up in the morning, if you’ve ever stretched your arms out – you can feel the change in energy, which is why you might engage in such a simple act. But, have you ever considered what that energy has to do with your ability to function during the day and how you can identify better ways of getting that fix to function normally your entire day?

This is fundamentally where meditation will help you move towards a better version of you.

What is meditation supposed to help us achieve?

Meditation – as I practice it, is a calming of the mind. The modern world enshrines so many possible avenues for living and experiencing the world around us – and most people wish to have a bigger slice of the pie – if not all people. But, regardless of what is going on in the world around you – if you cannot manifest that experience internally as pleasure – the external experience can be worthless, for all it’s pomp and show.

Most people take the functioning of the mind for granted – but, what if you were told that the mind in and of itself has a manual – which you have to open up, in order to tune. It isn’t quite like the manual that you would get for your car, because each human being uses his/her experiences to measure the world around them – and this will make the experience from diving deep in to the annals of the mind different from person to person.

Everyone experiences the world using the mind – something may happen outside of you – but, internally is where your reaction to external world changes occur – and if that happens to be broken – then, your experience of the outer world will necessarily be flawed. In fact, the external world may have nothing to do with experiencing that sense of internal bliss.

A meditant merely attempts to calm his/her mind in order to experience the inner world – to see what you can of how things work internally. This helps you reflect on how the outer world experiences are reflected internally, and, given time, it can show you where the flaws are – so that you can tune-up your inner world experience.

However, this journey does not finish in one night… It starts with the most basic of steps – which is to set aside time for this inward journey, and then it progresses as time and quality of experience changes.

As a very powerful healer – I have personally gone to the lengths of almost creating a science of that inner journey for myself – but, your description and the next person’s description of what they’ve found will likely heavily vary from one another – although, there are common threads that seem to form part of the experince.

One of the most important aspects of meditation, is to find those things that weren’t put there by you. Imagine going to the barber and getting a hair cut you didn’t ask for… If you don’t take care of what you wish to see happen internally, someone else might decide to do it for you – and that is a potential disaster waiting to happen.

As a healer, I am acutely aware of my own ability to help people improve what is going on inside them to remove the pain that they feel – but, you may not always come across people who are working in your best interests.

Reiki, for instance is an energy healing modality, which works without the person having to set their hands on you. The healer is told what you wish to achieve and you sit while the healer powerfully changes the energies you have to redirect them towards your intended outcomes.

But this same mechanism, given different intentions, will send you in a completely different direction – potentially one you don’t even know about!

How Does One Get Started?

Starting is a matter of setting aside some time and getting comfortable. Initially you might set aside 5 minutes and over a period of weeks move it up to 15 minutes a day – slowly increasing the time spent – but, without pressure. You need to be sitting in some fashion that won’t put you to sleep – yet it shouldn’t be so uncomfortable that all you can concentrate on is your discomfort.

You should possibly also have a wind up phase for your meditation and a wind-down phase – ie engage in some sort of ritual that sets the start of your meditational session and a ritual before you end your session. Think of it as something that will help you get in to that state of mind – just as you might stretch as soon as you’ve woken up in the morning.

Next, you will need to watch your thoughts. The attempt here, is not to eliminate thoughts, but to watch them – as removing thoughts is physically impossible – if you should ever manage to do so, you would be technically dead. If you watch your thoughts as if you were a third party, you can slowly develop better control over your thoughts and you will eventually find what influences them and what unduly influences them internally.

While you are watching your thoughts, you can also put some attention on your breath as well. There is no specific goal with respect to watching your breathing – but, you will eventually learn how all of it is connected together and what influences each.

Here, there is no end goal per se – the goal is to merely figure out what influences the mind internally and to adjust the working environment, so that your workspace suits the goals you wish to achieve. This will in turn help you adjust your thinking and easily fine tune your mind to focus on whatever it is you wish to have as outcomes.

An additional benefit is that you can in fact – over the longer term – internally sense when your mind is being led in a direction that causes internal disorders to either your mind or your health that wasn’t in your personal best interests. While this is a possibility – you will find that your learning doesn’t ever end – you can do this for a whole life time and still have much left to explore.

What do we need healers for, or gurus for, if we could do this all on our own?

The experience you gain in meditation is very valuable, but, it can also be very disconcerting. Since absolutely no one in the world is a perfect being, you will potentially find roadblocks everywhere you look – and this can really upset those who try to do everything on their own – or those who look for perfection.

The other drawback, is that since these things take time – those who attempt to recover their health, they will find that some issues are best left to have a healer accelerate things for them – and to help them ensure that the train (ie your mind) stays on it’s tracks.

How do we judge our experience from one healer to the next, since we don’t really understand what we are supposed to feel?

It is really important for each individual, who has longer term gains in mind – to create a relationship with their healer/guru. The healer and guru can help individuals navigate the complex world of mind work – albeit with their own brand of thinking.

In the case of Healer’s Touch – we are focussed heavily on the outcomes for those who are reasonably seriously ill and because of our brand of healing -we are in fact able to quite quickly deliver results. This tends to make it very simple for people to discern their need to return on a regular basis – but, other healers may not have reached the stage where they can quickly resolve health issues for people – and so their reputation doesn’t necessarily precede your opinion of their work.

So you will likely require to experiment some, with different healers – knowing that different healers will advocate different things – you just need to find what works best for you.