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Quick and Dirty Answer:

Medicine is a science based profession. It is not a profession that understands absolutely everything in the world – they have their limitations, just as science has it’s limitations.

Energy healing is feeling based healing – this has no significant scientific proof of it’s efficacy and it is not an easily repeatable experiment. Unless doctors get trained in energy healing and/or at least see the results on a massive scale – so as to be witnesses to it’s effectiveness at a better rate than a placebo effect, it is difficult for clinical practitioners to advise their patients to use such services. Knowledge regarding energy medicine and it’s benefits are increasing – there are doctors who practice energy healing and are writing about it – but, it will take time for it to become recognized.

Longer Answer

Prior to the existence of science – human beings knew (even in the caveman’s days) – that the sun warmed things up. We knew this without the requirement of scientific evidence – because we could feel it. My point is that just because the science doesn’t exist to help the cavemen understand why the sun warms things up, neither means it cannot warm things up, nor does that deprive the sun of it’s abilities to warm things up.

Energy healing is considered an alternative medicine amongst others. It is not backed by a huge heap of science based evidence. The way I personally practice it is through the use of touch and even without touch on occasion. You see our hands and our body are extremely sensitive to physical properties of the things around us – they affect us and an energy healer is one who assesses his/her sense of these properties for the purposes of healing.

Since we human beings are reasonably similar biologically – as science has discovered – we can sense similar things in a similar way as other people do – this is then, what allows an energy healer, such as myself to be able to surmise what effects I will have if I press pressure points and put healing crystals in various places on the body for certain lengths of time on another human being.

We can also feel a lot more than just the things around us – we can actually surmise the situation of a person internally by reading people… It is such a powerful method of figuring out what is going on internally – and we healers do that too. Again, this is not science based – but, it doesn’t mean that it doesn’t work – and some people get better at it than others. Just feeling the heat or cold that another person’s body radiates in different places – one can tell so much about the person.

This is why energy healing is so well respected by a lot of people – but, it is also the source of a lot of disdain too… It is not easy to be an energy healer – because it is a bit comparable to sowing invisible clothes for the emperor (if you’ve ever heard of that story). And all energy healers are not created equally. That isn’t to say there aren’t people who are out to cheat people of their money as well.

Some examples of our sensitivity to heat and cold are: When we suffer from stomach cramps – we apply heat from a bean bag – we are aware of it’s effects on our body. Similarly, when we hit our head somewhere – we immediately apply ice to reduce the swelling – again, we can feel the effects on our body and our body knows when it feels relief – this is often when our problem is going away. This is why feelings are so important to a healer’s treatment of the person. But, this is not an acceptable “science” for medical use.

Some Comforting Changes

One of the comforting changes that we are now seeing in the world of medicine is the use of therapeutic touch. Some hospitals in the United States are in fact acknowledging the use of touch as a means to heal – and they are using therapeutic touch to help their patients recover from various medical issues. It is a step in the right direction for medical treatment, as far as this healer is concerned.