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The process is rather simple – you come in for a visit and we’ll assess whether our healing modalities will work in your situation. If our modality doesn’t work in your situation – you pay nothing – provided you have approached us during regular office hours for healing. (see our Refunds policy footer).

The explanation is complex: (expands on the video we posted)

We believe that the body’s complex communication system is at the center of the vast majority of illnesses, diseases and disorders.

If you get a virus, for instance, the first place it attacks is the body’s communication systems. Once the communication systems are compromised, the body displays the erratic behaviour that you see. Normally, our body gets attacks from foreign bodies on a regular basis – but, we are able to defend against them. It is when the body’s communication systems get compromised, then, that the body shows signs of duress.

If you get in an accident and your bones break, your body’s natural healing systems can also be compromised… Healing can better take place, when your body’s communication systems are then put back in order.

Issues such as cancers, autism, multiple sclerosis and so on also occur – in our understanding – because of a breakdown in the body’s communication system.

Our healer will therefore examine you to find the body’s communication channels to the parts of your body that are affected by the issues you face. The body can use more than just your spinal cord to communicate – though the spinal cord is one of the major communication channels for your body.

Once the errant communication channel is found, the healer will assess the level of complexity in clearing your blockage. If it is within his reach – he will let you know, and it will be your choice as to whether or not to continue. An hour is usually set aside for the assessment portion and it will be taken from any package you decide to use.

If you decide to use the healer’s services – you can take advantage of savings for blocked hours of healing. If the healing doesn’t take as long – the remainder will be refunded to you minus any discounts applied for blocked hours.

Healing, involves the healer, trying to assess what the signals he finds in your body’s communication channels doing and then attempting to reverse it or circumvent it with new signals that then heal the affected sites on the body.

This will involve using multiple techniques such as massage, reiki-like healing, crystal healing, using singing bowls, accupressure, tapping, using small light pricks on the body to stimulate and create messages to undo the existing messages. All of this is done while the patient remains fully clothed.

Sometimes, a complex problem, such as cancer can be broken down into multiple issues such as back pain, stomach pain, heart signal issues etc… and the healer will then start by treating each separately.

Sometimes, everything may not be within the healer’s reach, and he will let you know what he can do for you.

The difficulty level of healing in most cases has no semblance to what the medical community designates to a given disorder, illness or disease. Stage 4 cancer, is however, more difficult to heal than stage 2 cancer – because the problem’s resistance is to any reversal of the situation the patient finds him/herself in – with multiple organs facing issues all at the same time.

So, while medical information such as what body parts (internal or external) have been impacted by the problem – in that the geographical location of the issue is of paramount importance in this method of natural healing – this is where medicine and this healer’s work part from each other.

The information provided by other healers may also be similarly useless to your healer. Healers have different ways of dealing with medical issues – all based on their own understanding of how the body works – and they can be very distinct understandings from one another – but not necessarily any less valid.

The difficulty level of healing using these modalities is not based on the type of illness, disease or disorder that the patient faces – it can be worlds apart for two patients suffering from exactly the same symptoms and the same medical descriptions of the problem.

So, problems that the medical industry doesn’t have answers for, may be problems that our healer can solve within very short order, and other times it can be equally difficult. Some times problems that can be solved in the medical industry cannot be healed by the healer.

But, the difficulty level involved can not be understood without the all important assessment. This will give the healer a good idea as to whether or not he will be able to do something for you or not – and the possibilities can differ vastly from one issue you face to the next.

Our healing does not employ any scanning equipment, so we cannot see any physical manifestations that are underlying the issues you face.

So, if you suffer from a broken bone, as an example – the pain may be removeable – however, your healer might not be aware that you are suffering from a broken bone – and that will require medical attention.

Coverage for the healer’s work, may or may not exist – as our healing abilities have not been acquired through standard certifications – in spite of the effectiveness of the healing… though that situation may be something that is subject to change over time.

Have a chat with our healer any time about anything that bothers you – and we can discuss what course of action can be taken to address the issue.

It must also be mentioned that the healing we do does not cover mental health issues – unless healing the underlying physical issues can solve those problems – so, in severe mental issues – healing might prove quite effective.