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Experience “Pain Free Possibilities”… (PFP)

Our Program For Our Packages – That allows you to End Things Without further work Done.

Non-Invasive, Fully Interactive, Medication Free

Full Use of Our Exclusively Elegant Crystal Library To Heal You

+ Your Choice Of:

Pain Free Pricing - Pay For What You Got

(not including relapses)

The Remaining Hours Purchased for Other Pains or Inclusion of Relapses

Experience Our ExclusivePain Free Pricing“:


We’ll take the most expensive package you’ll need to apply our work to.



Once we’ve done your work – you’ll rate us out of 10 and you’ll only pay for what relief you’ve experienced.

OR: Choose to have other pains/relapses relieved with the remaining time in your package. (the healer may choose to cover extra time – at his/her discretion)

An Example of PfP is as follows: If you rate the work as a 7/10 – you’ll pay only 70% of the cost of the package you selected.

Since a session is fully interactive – we fully trust your judgement.

Note: Pain Free Possibilities only applies to the titles and prices indicated – any other use of the package will nullify Pain Free Possibilities as the hours indicated are necessary for the guarantee to apply.

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