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Holistic Healer

Our Energy Healing: Mostly outcome based healing. We use our hands, crystals and singing bowls to clear your body’s communication channels and your illnesses, diseases and aches and pains all dissappear…. All without medication!

Our Biggest Drive is in Healing Your Pain

It’s Free If We Can’t Do It!*

*Either partially or fully. See “Pain Free Possibilities” Pricing – PFP on menu.

Body Issues We Are Specialized In

Sciatica, Back Pain And Arthritic Pain

Suffering from Sciatica or a sudden onset of backpain? Do not hesitate to come in with arthritic pains as well. There is a good chance that I may be able to help you.

Visual Acuity

Having trouble with your visual acuity, or have you been blind all your life? This is something I might be able to help you to get your natural healing abilities back on track.

Pain in your Joints, Sprains, Torn Ligaments

If you have severe pain in your joints, sprains, torn ligaments – consider coming in to have an assessment. I may be able to help you out.

Do You Wish to Conduct a Self-Assessment Test?

We have expended great effort at Healer’s Touch to set up a self assessment test using our chatbot. It essentially asks you questions and by answering you can figure out what success rates surrounding many common infirmities are – possibly including your own – Try it out today and find out for yourself.

Find your balance, energy & happiness the natural way.

About Me

When I was young I visited a healer, who made me believe that all healers were just quacks looking at psychological manipulation to make health issues disappear. Well, when I hit my 20s I started racking up the pain. While initially I ignored it – later it sent me to the emergency room.

At some point in time I got lucky and started learning that meditation could help me relieve pain. But, around the same time my GP helped me discover what I was suffering from and I had faith that the medical institutions could solve my health issues rather than my trying to solve it with my mind. When I was told that there was no more that was “medically” possible – I had to re-resort to using meditation to solve my issues.

Fast forward to about 7 years ago, I started occasionally seeing people around me as suffering needlessly from things my meditation could solve – or if I could just put my hands on them I could give them the solution. Well I successfully tested that out to figure out if I wasn’t just imagining things or going crazy. (More details through the button “About Me”)

Woohoo! I could help other people solve their health issues using my newfound abilities! I was in seventh heaven. That next person could be you!

As an accomplished meditant having practiced for the past 27 years, I started healing people in the last 5 years – and help people relieve pain extremely fast – and our unique techniques are not taught anywhere. Meditation is the parent of all other modalities of healing, so we use what appears to be a mix of Reiki, energy healing by Touch, crystal healing, massage, biorhythm feedback and accupressure… most closely described by Quantum healing – although I am not certified in any of these. We’re untied to rules that limit our abilities to reach your infirmities/pain, but we adhere to the highest standards of professionalism. With the right plan we can work through the pain that you are suffering. Take comfort, because we are here to help you find a solution, risk free.

“The body is a self-healing organism, so it’s really about clearing things out of the way so the body can heal itself.”

Barbara Brennan

Recovering Your Health Video

Our hand work and crystals do all the magic of helping each individual – but, to describe what we do – a video is worth a thousand words. Watch the video below to figure out how our work applies to you. A video section further below was also added to give you a first hand picture of a healing session.

How It Works


Book Appointment

Or drop in when there is no one during healing hours and start your healing or initial assessment.


Assessment Visit

You are examined for suitability for our Energy healing techniques. We will know within 1-2 hours of healing, of our suitability.


Refund or Follow-Up.

Use PFP (Pain Free Possibilities) to pay the fee.


Healing Work

Continue Follow Ups as needed.

15 Second Videos of the Work

"Our Energy Healing is much like a mix of other modalities - but it is closest to quantum healing"

– Raju

Healing is defined as to make or become healthy or whole again. Let us work together to start your journey to wholeness.

: Raju – Founder of Healers Touch

"Awareness is the first step in healing."

– Dean Ornish

See What Our Past Customers Have to Say

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Thanks Raju. I have been without back pain for a month now. I encourage everyone that is struggling with pain to visit Raju, it is totally worth it.
Google Review
I was nervous and had pain in my neck and hip. My nervousness and pain both disappeared within the 45 minutes I was there, and this was just during an initial assessment. I felt like going to the gym for a workout after Raju was done. Couldn't believe it, just doesn't begin to describe how I felt!
I'm a nurse and I had stage four cancer and I couldn't handle the issues cancer brought on. I've seen a lot of cancer patients and I didn't want to end up with the medical concoctions that they had going. So, needless to say, I opted to find a natural healer - and Raju was suggested by a friend. He took a look at me and I told him that the back pain was what I was suffering from the most - so, we worked on healing that - Nothing I've done gave me as much relief as having Raj heal me... It was a night and day difference when he worked on me. I initially thought he was just going to massage me - and I guess his description in his article fits the bill exactly - boy was I surprised what a difference just being examined and then prodded on my back made. Can't say thank you enough!
My name is Chris and I went in to the drop-in hours at Planet Botanix for Raj. I had a really hard time with sciatica - which couldn't be healed by Hospital visits - they had me on the highest doses of morphine - and that failed to work for me. Boy, was I glad I tested this holistic healer - he did way better for me than the hospitals could - I was up and walking without the excruciating back pain I would have otherwise had to live with. This meant that I could finally go back to work again! Words can't express my joy. Thank you Raj!
Thank you Raju. I haven't been without painful knee in my life for a long time. After the session with you pain has vanished. My curiosity is satisfied and my knee is free of pain now. It was pleasant, relaxing and educational experience at Wellness Clinic, Planet Botanix in Ottawa.
Google Review

We Primarily Heal Pain/Infirmities

Use Our Exclusive “Pain Free Possibilities” Pricing to “Pay for What you Get” here. This way YOU decide what you want to pay for your healing…

Normal Pricing…

* price based on $107/hour.

** package selected must match the title for “Pain Free Possibilities” to apply.

*** during regular healing hours in office – see the footer for “Refunds” to find out more details for both in and out of office work.


Been Our Customer before?:

Contact us about keeping your rates as before.

Button Appointment Booking:

If you book via the appointment button, it will charge you a $25 deposit for your appointment. 24 hours Advance notice for no-show is required to be refunded.

Payment Types Accepted:

Use tap or chip and PIN on our terminal.

Are You an Ideal Candidate for Our Healing? Free automated Assessment 24/7..


Find out about our success rates for healing many common infirmities – possibly including yours. Do this by answering questions about your situation. Use our chatbot and follow through the menus by pressing buttons… This automated system has been programmed to give out information about how well your treatment can work with our particular brand of healing – all without having to wait for a human being to respond.

Why Choose Us Over Other Services?

We Heal your pain/issue without medication and trauma free

Completely natural healing using only light touch and crystals.

Priced Roughly Around an Equivalent Massage Therapy Session

Our prices are roughly around the cost of an equivalent massage therapy session – with guaranteed results.

Completely Risk Free - Pay Nothing if It Doesn't Work

Don’t pay anything to try our help if it doesn’t work through our pain free possibilities program. No sweating to figure out if you can trust us – since you won’t pay a dime for unfulfilled promises – you decide once the initial hour is done whether it works or doesn’t and whether you wish to pay or not.

Automatically Assess Your Own Issue 24/7 online

Assess our ability to help your issue online through our chatbot menus 24/7 and avoid wasted research or waiting for a receptionist.

Choose from two locations with free parking: Downtown or Barrhaven South

Choose to have your appointment at either our Barrhaven South location or our Downtown Clinic. Both places have free parking during regular office hours. Extra fees apply only if booking outside of the indicated hours.

Check Our Online Calendar for Availability And/Or Book an Appointment Yourself

Check our Calendar at the base of this page for availability Or Press our “Book Appointment” Button and book yourself an appointment at any time without having to wait for a human being to respond.

Choose to Call and Drop in on the Many Days We make Available

Check our Calendar at the base of this page for Call and drop in dates. Since we are a small company – you should have no problems getting an available spot – no lineups.

No particular diet or religious beliefs or psychological assessments required

You don’t have to have any particular dietary restrictions, religious beliefs or psychological assessments to use our services – these are not necessary. You don’t even have to believe we are capable of healing you! You do, however, have to give us permission to remove your pain/issue.

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Quick Rundown

Our prices for pain removal is offered with our guarantee of "Pain Free Possibilities" should it not be reasonably effective. Are you suffering from pain that can’t be removed by massage, physiotherapy, Chiropractors or other forms of therapy? Pain can be a cruel...

Let Us Take Away Your Pain/Infirmity

It’s Free If We Can’t Do It!*

24/7 free Assessment of your situation or Calendar check for our Nearest Appointments

Do One of three things here:

            1. Call us during our call hours for a no-obligations discussion of your situation.
            2. Automated assessments can be had through our chatbot 24/7 – avoid research and office hours calling.
            3. Check our online calendar at the bottom of the page for availability – and then easily book us by using a call and drop in date or choose to book an appointment onlinewith just a button click.
*Either partially or fully through “Pain Free Possibilities” Pricing (see PFP)