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I consider myself an extremely good meditant and a healer in learning, but I wasn’t always this way…

When I was young – I suffered from severe psoriasis on my hands, and I suffered from the occasional stomach cramps and so on… I was very aware of how I wasn’t able to keep up with the other students in India’s London A Level School where I was studying – and so I set out to learn meditation to see if it would help.

Stories run abound about how you’ll hear of this sage or that sage doing all sorts of amazing feats of endurance such as staying under water for 1/2 hour and the list goes on… I don’t know if that is true, but, at the age of twelve, I eventually managed to cut my sleep to a mere 2 hours of meditation in lotus posture. That surprised me and it frightened me – since I was scared that something might be wrong – as I’ve never seen human beings not requiring sleep – meditation for me was a semi-awake state.

Well, I foolishly gave that up – or maybe it wasn’t foolish.

I didn’t visit meditation again until I reached twenty three years of age. I started on this journey, when I noticed that external clicking sounds were disturbing my leg muscles and that the only way I could avoid it – was to use the breathing techniques I had learnt when I was twelve years old.

One by one I started to notice new opportunities to rid myself of pain building on a growing list of techniques I was internally (mentally) developing to undo various irritations.

When I was 23, I was in engineering in university, and the stress got so tough, I dropped out of second year. I was eventually going to live on my own and find my own way in the world – even though I was very ambitious. That ambition led to my becoming an IT professional.

At 25 I started applying in the United States for jobs that, while I was flown out for interviews for – I couldn’t fill, because my qualifications fell short of what NAFTA would allow to cross the US border. When I got to being 1 year out of work, I returned to university and made the Dean’s Honour Role, the first year back. My second year saw me struggle again – my health took a steep dive and I began a long journey into irritable bowel syndrome and aches and pains would suddenly appear here and there and everywhere.

My doctor and I worked together to figure out all of the things I was suffering from.

I wanted so badly to have pills to fix my health – but that was to come to no avail. The only thing that kept me going was meditation – and I didn’t wish to meditate.

Fast forward to a couple of years back – I had been a meditant for so many years – I knew my stuff insides out – but I started seeing people all around me suffering from things that I thought should have been a walk in the park for me to cure. This list of people included my close relatives and loved ones. Well, I couldn’t sit idly by – I would take every opportunity I could to try and help the people who I cared about out – and this led to some great break throughs.

 When Covid started, I had been running my business – a mobile DJ business and that was set to do really well. Except that covid-19 shut me down. Since I am not one to sit around, I considered starting something new that I could in fact practice in these troubling times. This is what led me to start “Healer’s Touch”.

 If the average Joe were to go through the kind of changes I face on a daily basis – many ordinary people would have to be taken to an emergency room right away. I feel that I face potential trouble of the health kind that most ordinary people face in a lifetime in a single one of my days… This is what makes me such an extra-ordinarily capable healer.

And I am honoured to be able to help people mitigate/manage/remove their pain. Let us know if you would like to try and see if you are suited to our healing modality – or alternatively, schedule a no-obligation first healing session, using our “Book Appointment” buttons at the bottom of our website pages.