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Contest Giveaway For Reviews

We are having a free $15 to $25 dollar giveaway contest – for our satisfied customers who are willing to give us an honest review – for up to one review. Everyone is a winner – just for placing some stars and some words to acknowledge their heartfelt thoughts on our service on any of the sites below.

Some conditions apply*. The following skill testing question must also be answered without the use of a calculator: (7+3) ÷ 2 = ??

Please text us the answer at (613) 262-9168, with your name and the comment you posted and the sites you posted at for a full payout.

Some Tips To Help Review Us

We try hard to find excellent clients to serve just like yourself and so it is important to us to have your experience written up – so that other people who require service can figure out what to expect…

Reviewing us should not take more than a couple of minutes to do and it is as easy as following the links below.

For those who would like some thoughts to write on, here are some:

  • what issues did you come to have us help you with
  • how did you feel about our professionalism
  • did you feel we addressed the issue you came looking for a solution for
  • other thoughts you would like to share with others

Review Sites

We occasionally try to keep this list updated:

Google Review:

In order to do the google review, you will need anything with a larger screen than a cell phone, because the review box is too big to view on a cell phone properly. With a tablet, laptop or desktop you will get sent directly to the review box and you should be able to enter your review there.

google review link

Star of Service Review:

star of service review link

Conditions Of Contest:

One entry per client. Offer cannot be combined with other specials for reviews. Client must be 18 years of age or older or must have their content approved by their legal guardian. Clients must be willing to allow the reviews to get re-used as Healer’s Touch sees fit for commercial advertising purposes. Healer’s Touch will not associate client’s name with the review and is not responsible for Google’s or other third parties’ use of the information provided. Some websites may screen the reviews posted and deem them as fit or unfit independent of Healer’s Touch. Reviews must have appropriate material and must not be vague or offensive. Healer’s Touch reserves the right to revoke the offer and to check material for appropriate content before awarding the contest winnings.