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Who we are

Our company’s name is Healer’s Touch and our website address is: http://healerstouch.ca.

The company “Healer’s Touch” may be hereafter referred to as “we” or “us”, while third party companies that we refer to may be referred to as “them” or “they”. The client or customer may hereafter be referred to as “you”.

Our Hours of Operation

While Fridays between 6pm to 9pm at our office are our normal hours of operation, we try to accommodate other times for our clients:

Issues We Face

Outside Regular Office Hours

If a healing is requested outside of regular office hours, we have to work around the family schedules of the healer whose help you request and the official hours the office stays open, in addition to your requirements – so, a bit of back and forth communication may be required in order to accommodate your request – preferably either by text or by email.


Special conditions apply to refunds processed outside of normal office hours. See the footer for more details on refunds and how they are calculated.