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Who we are

Our company’s name is Healer’s Touch and our website address is: http://healerstouch.ca.

The company “Healer’s Touch” may be hereafter referred to as “we” or “us”, while third party companies that we refer to may be referred to as “them” or “they”. The client or customer may hereafter be referred to as “you”.


Conditions on Refunds


Refunds or uncharged for service is used interchangeably in this document, and it describes when the client is either charged up front and money is returned or when they have been charged for less than amount that applies for the time spent after the service was rendered.

Refunds can be given on multiple hour healing purchases as well as on the initial assessment. Refunds will only be processed for unused time in the packages sold or for situations where the client has requested healing for a specific physical pain/ailment that wasn’t healed in any significant fashion for the most recent session only or if, after a multi-hour package, the client did not get any relief from the pain – after having gone through all the recommendations that was given by the healer and after all the hours for service have been exhausted. Charges for the initial assessment will however, not be refunded – this would be based on the hourly rate for 45 minutes.

In all cases the decision to refund is taken by the healer and the amount to refund is also at his/her discretion – all decisions taken by the healer are considered final.

It is to be noted that the rules written here are considered guidelines along which considerations may be made and do not override the healer’s discretion.

The following conditions will also apply:


Initial Assessment

Outside Regular Office Hours

If a healing is requested at the client’s place or at our downtown office (outside of regular office hours) – a $20 minimum charge applies. Read below for more details.


If the healer has to travel to the client’s place, there is a non-refundable $20 portion of the full amount charged – for travel expenses. If the work is done at the office – during regular office hours, such charges will not apply.

In most cases the amount for the initial consultation will be charged after the service is completed – so a refund will not be necessary. The request for not paying anything except the travel fee (where travel fee exists) must be made at the time of completion of the service. The request for a refund must also be made right after receiving said service, where a travel fee does not exist. Otherwise, in both cases, the service will be deemed as having been satisfactory and the full amount will be charged and no subsequent refund will be offered – except where required by law.

Method of Refund

The refund will be processed in the same fashion the payment was processed – unless otherwise determined by us.

So, for instance, if the payment was made in cash, the refund will be paid in cash. If the payment was made by credit or debit, the refund will also similarly be processed by credit or debit.

Total Amount Offered as Refund

Refunds offered will be limited to the past 1/2 hour work done – or 3/4 hour for an initial consultation just completed plus whatever future work that has been paid for that hasn’t yet been used.

If you are dis-satisfied, it is important to mention it right after a session, so that you may be refunded for the session you paid for by the half hour.


Legal Recourse

All of what is written here will be taken as final, to the extent that the law will allow it. If any part of it is found unenforceable, then the remainder will not be considered nullified by such consideration and will be considered to remain in full effect.