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    The explanation is going to vary from healer to healer – as it is the mind that creates many of the internally occuring health issues… The average individual doesn’t really know what to look for – so they aren’t to blame for this problem/issue. But, different healers will work from different angles – and there are some with quite successful and powerful techniques – some use your thoughts, some your emotions etc… If you get a good healer – it is always advisable to try and work with their way of looking at things for sure.

I usually summarize my healing by saying that I look for the body’s communication “channels” and find blockages and try to remove those blockages. Cancer is one of those problems that I find, if you discover it early – you have a better chance of healing with my healing. But, if you are in the later stages – the blockages become more difficult/complex and much more persistent – so, for instance, a blockage may be cleared and then it re-establishes itself. So, it ends up taking more of my time to help with those patients. If the signals are too complex and I set foot on that boat, by trying to mimic the effects within myself – I manage to figure these things out – but at great risk to my own health, if I don’t avoid blockages that are too complex for me to handle.

blockages are caused (IMHO, of course – and in my explanations) by foods, chemicals, environment, repetitive strain disorders – this last one being one of the biggest reasons. You see, our mind is like an orchestra, and it requires timing to keep signals going out and coming in from your organs and body parts – one neuron may fire and then send a signal down the next neuron – but, it has to wait for the next neuron to send the signal before it can send another signal – this timing is effected by using cycles (frequencies).

Every body part communicates with the brain, so that the brain can co-ordinate the functions of the body. Since we surround ourselves by technology and mechanical technologies those technologies run in cycles like our brain – they have the potential to interfere with our body’s signalling and cause all kinds of problems – they are a good source of repetitive strains for the body’s signalling and that then causes all kinds of “issues”.

This is why healing bowls are used by Buddhist monks in their temples, and Hindu temples etc… They help the body resolve conflicts in the “frequencies” the body needs to use for it’s proper functioning. Singing bowls can be addictive and can’t be used continuously, and a non-meditant can encourage sickness using the bowl. Using the bowls takes practice – while it isn’t difficult for me to “sing” a bowl, what I do with a bowl won’t necessarily sound musical or as smooth as those who have lots of practice.

But, you can see why it is not predictable as to when the patient will have relapses. A stage 4 cancer patient has relapses quite quickly, and it helps that many of the patient’s defenses are down in multiple areas – so, it is very difficult, if not near impossible to correct – and really takes a LOT of effort on the part of a healer.

As a healer – I have to figure out, which frequencies (by copping a feel for things) are interrupted and figure out if I can correct them and put the patient back to a normal state.

By putting myself in the patients shoes – I also risk getting “remnants” – It is the memory of that patient’s frequencies that can interfere in my own functioning afterwards – all depending on how long I spent training my system on the patients’ issues and trying to heal them. I occasionally try to reset myself with my singing bowls, and crystals afterwards.

That is why I prefer to have short sessions with patients… But, I usually guarantee my efforts by offering no pay for no results within 45 minutes.

Sometimes I figure out, if I try to remember a patients’ siuation, later on – how the blockage occurred and then I am ready to help the patient, where I might not have been ready on my first examination. So, it isn’t always as easy as no-results in a short while, no possibilities…

 Since a lot of people don’t regularly engage in meditation – the speed with which results arrive tends to occasionally surprise them.