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The video above is a discussion between Australian neuroscientist Caroline Leaf and Lewis Howes and it describes the science that the neuroscientist (she) has been researching for a long time now. It reveals the very important information that using our mind – we can in fact, get to the point of changing our DNA. Essentially, because of the neuroplasticity of the mind – amazing things can be brought about with respect to our own personal health.

While this is possible – ie improving our own health using our mind – it may be something that takes a long time with a lot of practice for the average individual. However, as a meditant I believe in my ability to help you do what you may not be able to do with your own mind…. It is the idea that I can send your body the tools it needs to readjust it’s own disposition.

Essentially, I believe that the mind can be given – by means of touch, the right patterns to help undo patterns that are limiting the body’s incredible healing abilities. Once the right patterns are brought to the right place in the body – the body can then use these patterns to change it’s situation of ill health and so on.

While this is my explanation behind my ability to help people heal. Nevertheless, the idea that you can internally change your DNA by using your mind is a wonderful first step in affirming the use of meditation to achieve amazing things for ourselves – And this affirmation now has a scientific basis to believe it is in fact possible.