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Do all pains react the same and all disappear with this form of healing… The answer is NO.

I do need to be able to get the pain to be reproduced by the individual my presence for about 10-15 seconds – or alternatively meet the individual, when they are experiencing their pain – so that I can feel the pain, and then get a sense of what is inducing it. So, as an example: pain that is borne of lifting one’s arm in a particular position – this can be reproduced by the individual in question – so, it is a good candidate for pain relief.

There are pains that are more successful than others – when it comes to healing them – and while it is difficult to explain all the factors in healing the pain, I will attempt to give an analogy of the situation I face to other kinds of health issues that people are more familiar with. However, I must note that this document reflects this healer’s particular levels of difficulty, and it won’t necessarily match any other healer around, including any medical descriptions of the difficulty of having the problem solved.

If you have multiple issues – we tend to break them apart, so that it is easier for us to handle… Sometimes, multiple issues are cascading from a single issue and we would be able to tell and help you make a decision as to what should be done to solve the problem. Sometimes, we can independently treat each issue, and skip the ones we are not specialized at. Sometimes we will find that the multiple issues are intertwined and so we will examine this and advise you on a case-by-case basis.

I have found it more difficult to help people with the following types of pain:

The More Easily Discernible Reasons:

  1. pain from repetitive strain disorders – while it might work somewhat at the time of application of healing – it is possible these can come back again with the repetition of the strains that caused it to begin with. For example: carpel tunnel disorder, tennis elbow etc…
  2. pain in the foot – while I am able to heal my own pain in my foot, yet, the likelihood of this being successful in permanently removing pain for someone apart from myself is low. The reason why is because the pain is often produced by stepping on one’s foot and the pressure can’t be reproduced by my hands – so, often I find that I am not able to reproduce the pain to the extent that pressure from the one’s weight on the foot will generate.
  3. pain in the stomach/liver/heart regions – it is possible to have these pains healed, but, it is a lot more difficult for me to treat these issues as the path that the signals take has much more physical space to move around and is therefore much harder to trace.

The Less Easily Discernible Reasons: (this can only be figured out by trial and error in the healing process)

  1. pain that is recurrent in this way: some, not all people suffer from pain that recurs because the environment re-instates the pain. So, while the possibility exists for the pain to be taken away – the pain will recur because it gets re-instated by the environment in some unspecified period of time. An example that can apply to almost any pain: it can have a behaviour similar to 4rth stage cancer – where the body becomes immune to treatment – when the healing is applied – the pain may get reduced or removed, but it will recur in a short period of time because the environment puts the effects back in it’s place. This¬† sort of thing occurs occasionally, but it is less likely for those that don’t meditate. There are some means by which I might try to mitigate this – for instance, by establishing blocks – but, this is not always equally effective – and it adds considerable time to the process of healing.
  2. Yet another problem arises when one suffers from having allowed the pain to continue on for a very long time without the intervention of an effective energy healer – sometimes there are too many organs suffering from problems as a result of inaction – and the multiple organ issues cascade to form a barrier to much interference from a healer. When one problem is fixed partially another issue will get in the way – this is what 4rth stage cancer or even old age near death is like. It doesn’t mean that I might not be able to provide considerable relief for such people – it just makes longer term relief more difficult to achieve (or potentially just more time consuming) – although the results will vary from person to person.

Some people are able to afford my services to the extent that they can easily pay for several hours – and in this fashion, they help their problem go away by continued application of a solution until it doesn’t come back – this isn’t always the case, but, the relief they sometimes receive is enough to justify continuing until it seems no longer, a viable way to heal.

While there might seem to be a laundry list of possibilities that one might face that oppose a good solution – if you happened to fall in the category of “the less easily discernible reasons” – this would still qualify you as a good candidate for a trial, as I cannot tell you ahead of seeing you, whether you belong in the category of “the less easily discernible reasons” or not. But, this is why I set my packages to a couple of hours, with a preview hour to begin – so that we can decide together as to whether you are a good candidate for this type of work and decide as to whether you think it is worth continuing the effort for a paid set of hours.

Often enough, some of the small pains people have had for hours or months or days or years, can disappear within the first visit and they don’t need more than that. The difficulty of removing the pain is not necessarily in proportion to the level of pain the individual describes experiencing.

When I’m asked as to whether you need to believe in this – that isn’t a requirement. The requirement is that you need to give me permission to try – it is a bit of back and forth to get an appointment, potentially – but it won’t cost you unless you’re satisfied that continuing it beyond the trial hour is worth your money.

In some situations – I feel rushed to give people evidence of pain relief, and so I simply chase after relieving pain directly, as opposed to working on finding the entire path of the pain and it’s sources – when that would be the best approach to healing – so the pain relief is likely only going to be partial or temporary. These people, however, are usually not people who come in for the initial one hour appointment, and so I often hesitate to help these people, since it often reflects badly on my reputation as a healer.