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So, you have decided on a time for your first visit to us. Congratulations! You are potentially one step closer to being pain free.

Your first visit will require attention to some of the following, which is commented on further down below:

  1. A piece of ID, and information regarding doctors and emergency contacts.
  2. Appropriate clothing – not to thick, and not lumpy, but comfortable
  3. Commute information – bus, car, bicycle or cab.

Filling in Our Intake Form:

During your first visit you will be required to fill in an online intake form – this lets us ensure that we’ve covered all our bases – as many questions are written here that are pretty standard questions.

You will require to have some of that information on you, so that we can get a complete picture – so, things such as your name, address, various ailments and the location of pain/medical complaint, your emergency contact information and your doctor’s contact information. (all confidentially kept – see our privacy policy). Please do bring some ID with you.


Clothing-wise: we prefer that you wear something that isn’t too many layers thick – or wear clothes you can easily remove and leave a layer that keeps you comfortable. Preferably, the clothes do not bunch up and they will not have lumps all over – as this will throw the healer off.

Your Commute:

Commuting to our Downtown Office: There are a couple of ways you can get to our office. You can bus in, or you can take a cab ride, or you can park on the street next to us, or bicycles are a popular option for downtown Ottawa.

By Car:

Paid parking exists on the side streets – these are operated by the city – so this is a possibility for coming in for an appointment.

By Public Transit:

The subway will drop you off at Parliament station and you can jump on bus numbers: 6, 7 or 11 up to Somerset – from where you can walk – or you can choose to take a 10-15 minute walk from Parliament station to our office.


Is there anything we didn’t cover here? – Let us know in the comments below, or contact us.