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As always, everything written is my personal journey and based on my personal description of the human body’s ways of working.

Chakras are (IMHO) simply arbitrarily defined spots on the spinal cord and head – all the way to the tailbone. They are there to help one’s understanding of the body, but are not a physical quality of the human system. So, there are literally hundreds of chakras (in my understanding of what is documented) – but, 7 main chakras are what many people adhere to.

I diverge here.

The spinal cord is the most important means for your body to communicate with the rest of the body. But, as a healer, I’ve seen alternate pathways for signals getting created – apart from through the spinal cord.

This opens the body up to many easy vulnerabilities. One small variation in the communication channel can cause considerable vulnerabilities to open up in the body’s defenses against illness, disease, disorder. However, if the communication systems are brought back to the chakras, it becomes far easier to defend the body against the blockages that cause trouble.

This is why chakra alignment is such an important thing to work on for the average Joe. This ensures that the body’s longer term defenses are less vulnerable.

When you come in for healing – it is possible to heal people, without trying to realign the chakras. So, it is not a default behaviour. It is something you must specifically request to have done.