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This explanation is my own understanding – it won’t be confirmed by any medical professionals you know or potentially any other healers – so it is quite unique.

Arthritic pain isn’t a new condition – it has likely been around for ages… and will continue to exist for a long time to come.

I would expose this with a personal story – but, I doubt that my wife would allow me to write that up…

Essentially, I discovered over time, that the bones do one more thing than just giving the body rigidity, creating white blood cells etc… they store heat or the lack thereof.

The purpose of doing this is to help the body weather the opposite temperature. So, depending on whether you are exposed to cold or heat more in a particular time of your climate of the area you live in – the body may decide to store either heat or cold as a defence mechanism for when the body faces the exact opposite temperature – and the bones are somehow capable of releasing the stored heat or lack thereof to the body to help you when the reverse external conditions arrive.

This process will vary from person to person and from situation to situation – However, as we age, our body starts to mess up how extreme this property of the bones are used – and this leads to arthritic pain.


The other possibility for why this occurs – is the exposure that your particular body part has to cold. Often, I see people with arthritic pain in their shoulders because they sleep in a cool room at night time and the shoulders are particularly exposed to the cold. Making sure you cover that area of your body with something sufficiently thick enough is important to maintaining an arthritis-free joint.

Arthritic pain can also be undone using healing work – but, as with all other healing work – it isn’t certain when the pain will recur – and there is the issue of cold exposure as mentioned above.

On the other hand, I may be able to predict how soon things might recur for you while working on your healing. My being able to predict this is partially dependent on whether or not I sense blockages that are due to patterns of interference that are easily one-off patterns – ie the pattern doesn’t seem to be re-asserting itself in the environment.

Your options at that point is best described under another article, which I will be putting up soon.