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This article was written to explain how our hours of operation are affected during covid-19 lockdowns.

Our practice grew out of meditational knowledge of about 27+ years worth. Since the practice is not something that was borne of a course evolved in a recognized school – the methods are not necessarily in alignment with what is required for certification as an “essential” service.

However, if you feel this service benefits you and you wish to be able to access the service outside of times that are ok for non-essential businesses to operate – it is important that we keep a record of the beneficial work we do – with your help, we can create a trail of benefits to people and using this – witness to standard bodies that will then look into the matter of labelling the practice as an “essential” service.

This will then allow you to access our services during the times that only “essential” businesses are allowed to practice and make your healing possible, during times when it wouldn’t be otherwise.

Do you wish to have our service available during lockdowns? Let us know, and we can collect a list of people who are interested in being witnesses for such purposes.

At the moment, however, we are unable to work during times that only “essential” businesses are allowed to operate.