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Healing crystals are stones – some are artificial, while most of them are cut from various stones found all over the world.

These stones often feel cool to the touch and have some neat features and colours. While I have a small collection of crystal wands and crystal balls, I don’t remember them by name, but I do try and remember them by feel. If you are inclined to see some of the stones I’ve collected to date – right click the image and select “View Image” to see a larger picture of the collection in a new tab…

Many healers use them by thinking of their properties as useful in changing people’s moods. In my personal interest in the use of crystals – I look at them as energy absorbers or givers.

The properties of the stones I use is their feel. From a scientific perspective, one might say – the stone has different colours on it and it absorbs heat (since they feel cold). If light is shone on the stone – you see the colours, because some of the energy in light’s spectrum is reflected, while other parts of the spectrum is absorbed.divi post with images

While I don’t assess the stones scientifically, I assess how the feeling the stones give me will help achieve the physical outcome I am trying to achieve for the patient I am treating.

The stone itself feels charged or discharged to me… We charge them using a special stone called selenite – when the stone gets discharged and then we can go about using them.

An analogy I might give to someone trying to understand how a stone works is the work of ice when you hit somewhere.

My parents and my wife and medical professionals often tell you to use a cold compress on an area that you’ve hit, in order to avoid swelling. When you use a cold compress, you also take it away, when you feel a little too cold.

The crystals somewhat behave the same – only it isn’t just any kind of cold that it produces – it has minor differences from one stone to another – and with careful assessment of it’s feel and application, it can be used to produce precise results.

I hope I was able to give you an idea of how crystals are used in the healing I practice.