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 One question that gets asked often enough is: How long will these techniques last for me?

This is not an easy question to answer. The factors involved in a visualization technique’s longevity are: How many people in your city/state/province use this technique, how often you use it, how aggressive your particular condition is, how many times you’ve managed to overcome your pain using visualization or for that matter meditation.

 This is also why the healer has to re-visit his techniques every once in a while – and make updates to the freebees on offer. It isn’t a guarantee that the freebees will always work – much more attention is paid to those who request a paid session from the healer – as this makes better sense for the customers.

The factors described above play different roles in different ways, which we attempt to describe below…

If you use the visualization technique very frequently, the environment will start re-adjusting your situation – repetitive strains, chemicals etc… that cause blockages to start with, may not have gone away – and since you might be unaware of these factors, you won’t necessarily re-adjust your efforts. Any attempts to re-adjust your efforts on your own without having the level of knowledge of meditation needed to come up with this gets very easily frustrated.

The environment also adjusts when there are many people doing the same thing to try and achieve the same ends in a given area… because the environment is slowly getting re-tuned by all the factors that cause these issues for certain people.

 If you’ve never had remission of pain for a long, long time, the environment doesn’t tend to react to changes in you very quickly, and so a new technique might last you a life-time – also depending on the above factors as well.

It also depends on just how aggressive the problem is for you. If the problems arise from stage 4 cancer, then it is very difficult to make corrections for long periods of time, as the environmental factors that affect you have had their toll on your system, without a break for a long time.

People who head in to see a healer, however, may be put on a plan, that allows you to see the healer on multiple occasions to break the cycle…. It is akin to taking a medication many times until the problem is in remission.

A plan for breaking the cycle for you might look like this (especially if you have a reasonably aggressive issue):

For the first while you will have frequent visits and then the visits may be able to get slowly tapered off until you will only need a maintenance visit once in a blue moon. This is of course something that you have to arrange in consultation with your healer – based on how you think things are going… there is a bit of feeling our way through the situation until things become stable enough for your liking.

This is why a number of people decide to go with the bigger packages to set up their healing. The bigger packages also offer the advantage of fewer people using the techniques and that tends to give the techniques a better shelf life – but, should things change and you still have support from your package with your healer – you can always discuss with your healer what you can change to help mitigate any changes in your condition.

While a session with your healer might seem expensive at first sight – with a very large number of people – who find out that they have a condition that can easily dissappear in a day or two with your own mental work – Imagine just how many times accelerated that work comes with the healer who invented this!