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As an organization, we are well aware that there are people who, without being familiar with us and how we do our work – would hesitate to commit to anything.

We offer our “don’t pay” guarantee for healing work that is done during our healing hours or at our Barrhaven home. This is to help you get the work you need done, without having to pay if the healing wasn’t effective – and we do on occasion, entertain exactly that – healing that didn’t resolve the client’s issues fully or partially.

It isn’t anyone’s fault when things like this happen. This is typical of what can be expected.

We also do offer arkal healing for people who aren’t able to afford our services – please see the article “If you can’t afford our services”.

However, there are those that fall outside of the category of people who wish to obtain our services. Some of these people are those who would like to do healing for themselves as much as they can.

Our healing has been borne of meditation which we’ve engaged in for approximately 27+ years – and so we technically have a PhD in healing. We are, however, completely out of touch with the origin of the healing and what it took for us to grow, and it is unfortunately, not something that can grow from tutoring – as it is completely internal to the mind.

You may engage in repetitive efforts to understand healing – but, many people, join ashrams all over the planet, in the hopes of learning to heal themselves and learn meditation – but, they are unable to do so, after many years to even a lifetime of attendance at the ashram – without their guru.

This is not something that we are happy about – but, there is, unfortunately no substitute we are aware of.

There are some ashrams that apparently claim to have more success than others – but, usually such programs that I am aware of – cost a lot of money – and I cannot tell you the efficacy of such programs.

This is why we are in business, but it is also why we try to be accommodating with many people’s needs.