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When I started the visualization books – I was initially under the impression that I would be able to support the free books and the materials long term… But, they don’t last forever.

A good analogy or two for the visualization techniques, would be as follows:

The healer is analogous to the operator of a hot air balloon (no pun intended) – His/her ideas fuel the fire that helps the balloon stay high in the atmosphere and staying high in the atmosphere is analogous to having good health. Now the clients are the people that get invited to step into the balloon’s basket and their weight of each client is the aggressiveness of their health issues.

As long as there are only a few clients – the balloon can stay afloat… If there are many clients the techniques invented by the healer won’t hold all of those people up. If there are extremely heavy clients (not their physical weight) – the burden on the hot air balloon is going to be high and will pull these things down.

We realized that we couldn’t continue supporting the changes required over time – especially with so many people and such a great need. We got to a point where the techniques needed changing every day…

That being said – the books aren’t necessarily permanently gone – we may re-introduce them for a short period of time – perhaps a few days – to bring newcomers to the world of energy healing and how it works under the hood – through the use of the mind.

Second Analogy:

Pharmaceutical companies develop drugs – such as anti-biotics, which are extremely useful in patient care. They sell these things large scale. However, the higher the sales and use of these anti-biotics, the more the threat of their becoming inert – because bacteria get exposed to what is expelled in the environment by our bodies and this eventually results in anti-biotic resistant bacteria – the higher the use, the quicker the diminishing results. Visualization techniques are analogous to the action of the anti-biotics – the more frequent their use and sale the quicker the diminishing results for protection.

Hope you were able to understand the above two analogies, and I welcome any questions you might have – which I will answer as time permits.

I am actually really glad that the facebook campaign garnered so, so many fans of the free visualization techniques – I hope it was at least to some of your liking!

It really helps prove the case for meditation and it’s usefulness in helping resolve health issues. We also hope that the visualization techniques have shown just how quickly a turnaround time you can have using material developped by a meditant.

Wishing you well – Raju.