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As always, everything written is my personal journey and based on my personal description of the human body’s ways of working.

The Visualization Techniques that I post or offer as a book are techniques I’ve invented by using meditation. They are not techniques I personally use – as I have a complete science behind what I mentally do that is much too complex to explain – and the rough equivalent of a PhD.

They are however, a means by which the average human being can use his/her imagination to help him or herself. They are purposely designed to be extra-ordinarily powerful forces in helping you heal – but, you have to respect their vulnerability if you don’t follow the prescribed manner of use of these techniques, since they are techniques invented by an extra-ordinary meditant and small plays in change can really wreak havoc.

It isn’t something you have to admit using to me, because the mind is an amazing machine and there is no one who can see exactly how you use your mind. However, if you do admit that to me – I might suggest changes to what you are using so that you get it to perform better for you.

When you come in for a healing from me – I use my hands and eyes to figure out what is going on with you and apply crystals, but for those packages with the visualization techniques, I offer them as a pdf, which you can read on your own spare time.

If enough people would like support for the techniques – after having purchased my help – I may decide to try and create a facebook group for my clients to help them adjust the techniques from time to time.

If you come in and you have been using the techniques and you have troubles – I may be able to help you customize things a little better for you rather than giving you a one shoe fits all method. But, this would involve having an ongoing relationship with your healer – because it is too much attention to try and service all those people who have ever purchased a service or product from me.

One of the other benefits of having an ongoing relationship with a healer is that he/she can help you re-tune your body and make sure you stay out of harm’s way in general – but, also because you can pick some hours and simply drop in to avail yourself of direct help without any hassles.

The healthy prices we charge allow us to continue to offer these services and cover our own costs of making such good techniques available while ensuring we cross our T’s and dot our i’s.

Hope this explains somewhat what you can expect and I hope you find the healing you need for your everyday lives – no matter where that might take you.