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Browse the articles we’ve created for you to understand of our way of working – healers experience journeys they describe in their own way – this helps you make sense of the work they are doing and how you can help your own healing.

Quick Rundown

Are you suffering from pain that can't be removed by massage or other forms of therapy? Pain can be a cruel debilitating thing, and we have been there before. Our energy and crystal healing is borne of meditation that was designed to help this healer fix problems for...

Our Methodology

The process is rather simple - you come in for a visit and we'll assess whether our healing modalities will work in your situation. If our modality doesn't work in your situation - you pay nothing - provided you have approached us during regular office hours for...

Your First Visit Checklist

So, you have decided on a time for your first visit to us. Congratulations! You are potentially one step closer to being pain free. Your first visit will require attention to some of the following, which is commented on further down below: A piece of ID, and...

Insurance, Reviews Etc…

    This article was written to highlight the links at the footer of every page. Find out about insurance, our refunds, our Privacy Policy Etc. by going down to the bottom of any page on the website.

Covid-19 lockdowns and Our Hours

This article was written to explain how our hours of operation are affected during covid-19 lockdowns. Our practice grew out of meditational knowledge of about 27+ years worth. Since the practice is not something that was borne of a course evolved in a recognized...

Visualization Techniques – What Are They?

As always, everything written is my personal journey and based on my personal description of the human body's ways of working. The Visualization Techniques that I post or offer as a book are techniques I've invented by using meditation. They are not techniques I...

How Long Will My Visualization Technique Last?

 One question that gets asked often enough is: How long will these techniques last for me? This is not an easy question to answer. The factors involved in a visualization technique's longevity are: How many people in your city/state/province use this technique, how...

The books are gone?

When I started the visualization books - I was initially under the impression that I would be able to support the free books and the materials long term... But, they don't last forever. A good analogy or two for the visualization techniques, would be as follows: The...

Self-help When You Don’t Wish To Pay For Healing

As an organization, we are well aware that there are people who, without being familiar with us and how we do our work - would hesitate to commit to anything. We offer our "don't pay" guarantee for healing work that is done during our healing hours or at our Barrhaven...

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